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“Our goal is to be the best supplier to our customers, and the best customer to our suppliers.”

–James Young, ENTEK co-founder

ENTEK is synonymous with some of the world’s best lead-acid separators, lithium-ion separators, extruders, and engineering services for the battery and extrusion markets. We operate on six continents; astronomical growth for the simple lead-acid battery separator company James Young and Pete Johnson founded in Lebanon, OR in 1984.

Our intimate knowledge of both the design and manufacturing of separators spurred the introduction of our high-speed co-rotating twin-screw E-Max extruder in 1998—recognized as the fastest to install and easiest to operate extruder on the market.

In 2001, our first lithium-ion battery separator line expanded our reach in Asian markets, delivering a quality product at a market-leading price. Our success here is fueled by consistently living our core values of respect, integrity, commitment, and innovation.

From state-of-the-art separators and extruders, to 360° engineering and support for all of it, ENTEK’s commitment to non-stop innovation and attention to customer service keeps production lines humming. With plants in both Lebanon, OR and Newcastle UK, we are set up to make sure that a world at work has what it needs to stay at work, 24-7.


Purpose: What ENTEK is All About

Create value through product and manufacturing innovation. We have a passion for making things and a drive to improve every day.

Mission: What ENTEK Wants to Achieve

Working together and moving the World ahead with ENTEK products in Vehicles, Devices, Homes, and New Markets. Working together means harnessing the talents of ENTEK’s three divisions and joining our customers to make great products together. Our vision isn’t limited by geography: we stand ready to serve customers anywhere on the globe. Our current focus is on energy storage for vehicles, hand-held consumer electronics, membranes used in clothing, and extrusion systems used to manufacture the materials that go into a myriad of consumer products. ENTEK maintains an active research and development effort to develop new products and markets. We will enter new markets where we can make a positive difference for our customers.

Core Values

Be honest and honor every person and organization we interact with.
Take initiative, display a “can do” attitude, work together to reach a common goal and celebrate victories.
Stand behind what we say and act accordingly.
Create new opportunities and relentlessly improve.
Every ENTEK employee has signed a copy of our core values. Staying true to our core values is the most important thing we can do to insure our long-term success and the long-term success of our customers

Markets We Serve

ENTEK sells lead-acid separators, lithium-ion separators, extruders, and engineering services on six continents. We design and build our battery separator lines, extruders, and parts with our in-house engineering, machining, and fabrication resources. Combining best-in-class equipment with our pursuit of continuous improvement manufacturing gives our customers the full benefit of over 25 years of experience in these industries.  We believe that our success is possible only if we do our utmost to make our customers successful. You will see and feel this commitment from the first day you do business with ENTEK.

Research & Development


ENTEK’s Separator Technology Center leverages extrusion technology from our sister company, ENTEK  Extruders, to provide next generation separator solutions for energy storage applications.

Promotes Breakthrough Technology

The facility supports product development and innovation. It allows small-scale production of the newest  designs for verification and validation prior to full-scale production.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Through our collaborative relationship with one of our primary customers, ENTEK was a recipient of a  multi-million dollar grant from the United States Department of Energy under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). This award was used to build domestic manufacturing capacity for advanced separators for hybrid and electric vehicles.


Our dedicated R&D team, with a full spectrum of scientific backgrounds, enables ‘outside-the-box’ thinking to produce novel approaches to design.

Customer Based Design

Listening to our customers’ needs, we develop products that allow them to continue to be market leaders in their respective fields.

White Papers:

Separator Design Considerations for EFB Micro-HEV Applications (paper given at ELBC13, September 2012)

A Continuum of Separator Options for Next Generation Lead-Acid Batteries (paper given at ELBC14, September 2014)

Community Commitment

ENTEK Community InvolvementENTEK’s commitment to service is rooted in its founders’ belief that being the “best supplier to our customers” extends beyond products and services to encompass community stewardship. It was this philosophy that prompted employees to start an annual ‘Coats for Kids’ campaign in our earliest days, whose sole purpose was to provide coats to underprivileged children in the community. That effort continues to this day and has expanded into an annual tradition that to date has provided a winter coat to thousands of local school kids.  As a natural evolution of this program, a non-profit has been formed to expand its current scope into other areas.

ENTEK encourages its employees to participate in community service projects by offering paid time off for community involvement, including programs it sponsors, such as a Thanksgiving Food Box drive that provides complete meals to families in the community.

We are a premier sponsor of Lebanon’s annual Strawberry Festival and a major supporter of the Lebanon Boys and Girls Club, Lebanon Soup Kitchen, and Lebanon High School’s Turf and Track program. We also provide matching funds to employees participating in The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

And while we are constantly changing and growing, the core of who we are always stays the same.

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Larry Keith

Larry Keith is Chief Executive Officer of the ENTEK family of companies. Larry is responsible for the success, growth and strategic direction of all of the ENTEK companies. Larry has been with ENTEK since near its inception in 1986. He worked closely with ENTEK’s founders to develop world class production lines for battery separators, ensure high quality products for customers, and to help build the world class organization ENTEK is today. Larry is deeply committed to leading ENTEK, its employees, products and customers to higher and higher levels of success.

Rob Keith

As President of the ENTEK Separators Divisions, Rob is responsible for the executive management and operational oversight of both the lead-acid and lithium-ion separator divisions. Rob has been a leader with ENTEK since its inception and has played pivotal roles in both leading the lead acid businesses to its current industry dominate position and the successful startup and market entry of the lithium-ion separator division. Rob’s most important undertaking as President is to forge and preserve solid relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.

Dr. Kirk Hanawalt

Kirk was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. He attended the University of Delaware majoring in chemical engineering, and graduated in 1984. He did his graduate work in chemical engineering at Pennsylvania State University. Kirk’s wife took a post-graduate position in the University of Oregon chemistry department and the couple moved to Oregon in 1989. They soon decided to settle permanently in the Pacific Northwest.

Kirk joined ENTEK Manufacturing in 1995 as a process engineer. Since then his job titles have included Director of Environmental Compliance for the ENTEK group of companies, Engineering Department Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Extruders, and Vice President / Chief Operating Officer – Extruders.

Kirk was a member of the executive team that developed the ENTEK Extruders business from its launch in 1998. He has extensive hands-on experience with extrusion. Kirk acquired an ownership interest in the ENTEK companies in January 2012 and was named President of ENTEK Manufacturing LLC.

Dr. Richard W. Pekala

Dr. Pekala is Chief Technology Officer for ENTEK International LLC. He has a B.S. degree in biomedical engineering from Duke University (1981) and a Sc.D. degree in polymeric materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1984). Upon completion of his graduate work, Dr. Pekala joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a research scientist. During his 11 years within the Materials Science Department, he pioneered the field of organic aerogels. In 1996, Dr. Pekala joined PPG Industries as a scientist working in the Silica Products business unit. At PPG, he managed the Microporous Materials Group and had responsibility for precipitated silica used in battery separators and synthetic printing media. In 1999, Dr. Pekala joined ENTEK where he has helped to commercialize new products such as lithium-ion battery separators (i.e., Teklon), industrial separators, waterproof breathable membranes, and golf car separators. Dr. Pekala has over 100 technical publications, 2 R&D 100 awards, 33 patents, and has given numerous invited talks at major technical meetings.

Jeffrey H. Grimm

Jeff Grimm has served as the chief financial officer for manufacturing companies for over 25 years and has been the Chief Financial Officer of the ENTEK companies since 2012. Jeff began his career with Arthur Andersen & Co. where he was employed for approximately 10 years. Jeff is a CPA licensed in the state of Oregon. Jeff received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Kimberly Medford

Kimberly Medford joined ENTEK in 2012 and has oversight responsibility for legal services provided to ENTEK. Prior to joining ENTEK, Kimberly was a corporate lawyer with the law firms of Troutman Sanders and Stoel Rives in Portland, Oregon and practiced for several years in Bend, Oregon. Kimberly is a graduate of Willamette University and Willamette University College of Law. She is admitted to practice in Oregon.

Walter Adams

Walter Adams joined ENTEK in 2016 as its VP of Manufacturing, bringing with him a broad background in automotive, chemical and industrial manufacturing. He has extensive experience implementing Lean and Six Sigma concepts in both discreet and batch manufacturing environments.  His experience in identifying root causes, defining optimal process solutions, and motivating individuals and teams to drive quality, productivity and costs, makes him a valuable addition to the ENTEK team.

Clint Beutelschies

Clint Beutelschies is VP of Global Sales, responsible for ENTEK’s lead-acid separator business.  Prior to joining ENTEK, Clint spent more than 10 years with ITW Corporation’s Valeron Strength Films business unit as VP of Sales and GM.  Before joining ITW, Clint worked in the specialty papers industry for 18 years in a variety of leadership roles including a two-year expat posting in Singapore.  He is a 1985 graduate of the University of Arkansas.  At ENTEK Clint leads a team that is committed to bringing value and innovation to customers around the world.


Neil Craggs

Neil studied Finance & Accounting at Northumbria University, Newcastle UK, graduating in 1981 and his career since then has been within capital intensive, high-volume, process manufacturing industries. Neil enjoyed  20 years with Kimberly-Clark & SCA (tissue paper manufacturing) where he quickly migrated from finance into operations management, becoming a specialist in – amongst others - Lean manufacturing, benchmarking, cost reduction and project management across European sites. This was followed by 9 years in plastic film and sheet extrusion as Operations Director prior to joining ENTEK in 2011.