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Our customers’ success is the best measure of ours.

ENTEK has a unique understanding of this category’s needs and challenges, because our company began as a processing company. We created an extruder division to provide machinery and wear parts that could handle the most challenging material formulations.

ENTEK introduced E-MAX extruders to the industry over 15 years ago. Today, we help customers build on their business objectives worldwide. That’s bigger than just selling extruders. For us, our business is improving your manufacturing operations and profitability.

Let us listen to what your plant and production needs are and then move forward, together.

Products Overview

ENTEK Assembly BayENTEK provides extrusion solutions worldwide. We pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to improve their processing capabilities. In addition to our state-of-the-art twin-screw extruders, we can provide turnkey manufacturing plant operations support, and complete extrusion systems with all upstream and downstream equipment. We also supply a full line of replacement wear parts (screws and barrels) for ENTEK and non-ENTEK extruders.

Complete Extrusion Systems

ENTEK provides complete extrusion solutions, taking responsibility for the entire production line. In addition to providing twin-screw extruders, ENTEK can also design, deliver and install your entire extrusion system, from raw materials in to finished products out.

Manufacturing Plants

ENTEK provides complete, turnkey engineering support to develop and operate highly efficient plants for a wide variety of processes and materials. Our highly-trained engineering department can assist with every stage of site selection, plant design, and construction.

Over 30 years ago, ENTEK began as a turnkey manufacturing plant in Lebanon, Oregon, producing highly-filled sheet for the automotive battery market.

Twin Screw Extruders

ENTEK’s twin-screw extruders are designed for maximum flexibility. Taking full advantage of co-rotating technology, ENTEK’s screw geometry, metallurgy and manufacturing discipline allow for industry leading material mixing and productivity in multiple areas of processing. The design of the extruder frame, number of barrel segments, control system hardware, high torque/high speed motor and gearbox combinations, and material feed options can be modified to meet or exceed your requirements.

Customer Solutions

We deliver on time and on budget.

ENTEK is known for helping customers improve their operations and increase capacity. We are equipped to handle all aspects of production, from extruder upgrades to building a plant from the ground up. Click here to read our latest news or check out our customer solutions below.

Replacement Parts

kneading / conveyingENTEK manufactures screws and barrels for our own co-rotating twin screw extruders. We make replacement parts for other co-rotating and counter-rotating brands, as well. Sizes range from 27mm to 250mm. All components are inspected and guaranteed compatible with OEM equipment.

We offer a range of materials that are designed to provide long product life for even the most challenging resins and formulations, including corrosives and abrasive materials.

ENTEK has the metallurgical expertise, as well as the know-how to meet any special needs in processing, longevity requirements, and L/D ratios.

We also offer the technology to design, engineer, and produce dies and melt stream dividers to meet your specific product and production needs. Our production crew is also experienced in gearbox repair and rebuild.

Laboratory Testing

entek labOur state-of-the-art lab offers customers (and prospects) the opportunity to develop their process by running comprehensive trials on-site. In fact, many current ENTEK customers began working with us because of the support they received when they came to our lab to run trials. Besides the 27mm and 53mm twin-screw extruders, feeder systems and downstream equipment, ENTEK provides the engineering expertise and service to work with you to optimize your specific process. Whether you want to test the performance of new material formulations, develop screw profiles, make pellets or extrude profiles, or work on specific downstream requirements, the ENTEK lab is the perfect place to make your trial a success.
  • State-of-the-art lab offers customers the opportunity to run trials to optimize their process
  • Lab equipment includes ENTEK 27mm and 53mm twin-screw extruders, feeder systems and downstream equipment
  • Test material formulations, develop screw profiles, make pellets, extrude profiles, improve downstream operations
  • Experienced ENTEK engineers on-hand to support your entire lab experience

Lab Features


  • ENTEK 53mm Extruder (36-52 L/D, 300hp, 1200rpm)
  • ENTEK 27mm Extruder (36-48 L/D, 40hp, 1200rpm)

Analytical Equipment

  • Melt flow index tester (MFI ), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC),
  • Carver press and optical microscopes
  • Moisture analyzer


  • High intensity mixer and low intensity blender


  • Brabender® loss-in-weight feeders for powder, pellet, flake and liquids

Auxillary Equipment

  • Vacuum pumps, vacuum stuffers, side-feeders and melt pumps


  • Pellet, profile and sheet dies

Data Acquisition

  • The latest Allen Bradley CompactLogix™ Ethernet processor
  • Computer based HMI including Historical Trending, Formula Management, Alarm Tracking, etc.
  • Automated data recording for ease of production tracking

Downstream Processing

  • Scheer-Bay water-slide pelletizer
  • Hot-face pellet cutter (suitable for natural fiber-filled products)
  • Profile cooling tanks
  • Scheer-Bay strand pelletizer and water bath
  • Gala underwater pelletizer
  • Conair travelling saw
  • Air cooled conveyor belt for strands

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