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Bio-Composite Process Development and First Production

Laurel BioComposite
Laurel, NB

Laurel BioComposite makes plastics greener by transforming the corn byproducts of ethanol production into a plastics additive that extends and enhances the properties of traditional injection molding formulations. Bio-Res blends easily with PE, PP, PLA and PHA materials to replace 20-40% of base resins.


Develop the Bio-Res product and process on a commercial scale; produce Bio-Res samples for customers; and start Bio-Res production at an appropriate scale.


Laurel engaged ENTEK’s lab facilities with our 53mm extruder and Extruder Technology Manager, Mr. Dean Elliott, to work out the formulation and process conditions for their Bio-Res product. Dean and the Laurel product development team worked together to validate the product, design a scalable process, and produce saleable samples. ENTEK’s experience with natural fibers and natural fiber composites greatly reduced the development time for the Bio-Res product.


Laurel purchased an ENTEK 53mm extruder to produce 8 million pounds of Bio-Res per year.

“Customers want to know that Laurel has substantial production capacity available,” said Tim Bearnes, President of the Board for Laurel BioComposite. “The addition of the ENTEK extruder will allow us to make test market batches for customers before the full scale masterbatch plant is completed. From those test batches we plan on expanding to 48 million pounds per year later this year.”