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100% Biodegradable Food Packaging from Plants

Plantic Technologies
Melbourne, Australia

plantic packaging

Biodegradability – the ability of a material to be ‘eaten’ by microbes, leaving nothing but carbon dioxide and water – is the foundation of Plantic Technologies, Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2002, Plantic’s materials are derived from plants.


Trying to manufacture this new material posed a number of challenges. The material, made up largely of cornstarch and special additives, is extruded into a sheet. It is thermally sensitive and all water not bound to starch has to be removed to make a clear sheet.


After trying six other extruder suppliers to compound their materials without great success, ENTEK earned Plantic’s business through extensive and successful trials in ENTEK extrusion lab.

Linda Campbell, Inside Sales Manager at ENTEK, described the effort: “On some of these trials, we ran up to 30 formulas in one day. We helped Plantic source several raw materials from around the world and had the materials shipped to our lab in Oregon. It was this type of effort that showed Plantic that we were committed to partnering with them to improve their process.”


Due to the success of the trials, Plantic decided to purchase a turnkey 53mm ENTEK extruder line. They have also recommended ENTEK to other companies in Australia; their recommendation to one of their partners in research, the University of Queensland, led to their ordering an ENTEK machine.