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ENTEK LRENTEK LR enables battery makers to meet tough OEM requirements for the next generation of EFB batteries, delivering the highest cold-cranking performance of any polyethylene separator and outstanding battery cycle life.  Combining ultra-low electrical resistance and maximum durability, ENTEK LR is the world’s most advanced battery separator.

ENTEK LR has been extensively tested in EFB battery designs.  The results of those tests confirm that ENTEK LR provides superior battery performance.


ENTEK LR offers benefits for premium SLI batteries, lowering overall battery resistance, increasing cold-cranking amps and offering excellent cycle life performance.

ENTEK LR Brochure


ENTEK LR was formulated and engineered to:

  • Prevent shorting and dendrite growth between electrodes
  • Have higher porosity and lower tortuosity
  • Facilitate more ionic conduction

These properties give ENTEK LR the lowest electrical resistance of any battery separator on the market today.

ER Chart for LR


Sustained Wettability

ENTEK LR Separator maintains wettability even after being boiled in water and dried multiple times.  Wettability is engineered into the separator.  The low electrical resistance and increased cold cranking amps offered by ENTEK LR will last for the entire life of your battery.

ENTEK LR Wettability


Delivering Results in EFB Batteries

Batteries built with ENTEK LR separator have:

  • Lower Internal Battery Resistance
  • Improved Cold Cranking:
  • EN U10: increased by 100 to 300mv
  • EN U30: increased by 60 to 140mv

Typical Characteristics

Backweb Thickness (mm)
Backweb puncture strength (N)
Shoulder Puncture Strength (N)
Electrical Resistance (mOhm-cm2)
Backweb oil content (%)
Total oil (%)

This data sheet only shows typical properties. These typical properties may change without prior notification. We urge purchasers to conduct tests to determine final suitability for their specific end uses. No statement with respect to use is intended as a positive recommendation for such use, no guarantee of performance expressed or implied is made.


ENTEK’s world-class battery separators add power and reliability to your heavy duty batteries. Our best-in-class technology and unmatched customization give you maximum control over performance.ENTEK laminates 0.2 mm, or more often 0.4 mm fibre glass retainer mat to the positive side of the separator for high-vibration batteries using an acid resistant adhesive.

Glassmat Brochure

Profile Design

A separator profile consists of its backweb thickness, overall thickness and width plus the design and layout of the ribs.  Click here to find an ENTEK representative to discuss your separator requirements.


The GE profile is the best combination of cost saving rib design along with a superior plate puncture resistant shoulder design to give customers the best of both worlds…cost optimization and high-performance batteries. ENTEK LR is available in .20 and .25 backwebs.

ENTEK PE product profile-GE