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Consumer Electronicsli-camera

ENTEK EP is used in secondary lithium batteries powering portable electronic devices such as laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, and digital cameras. This product is also used in lithium primary batteries for aerospace and military.

Nominal Porosity


Available Thicknesses

9µm , 12µm , 16µm , 20µm

Typical Characteristics

These are typical characteristics for the EP line. ENTEK routinely customizes separators based upon customer requirements.

Thickness (average) 20 µm
Basis Weight 10.5 g/m2
Porosity 43%
Air Permeability 300 sec
Tensile Strength MD > 1,000 kg/cm2
TD - 750 kg/cm2
Tensile Elongation at BreakMD - 90%
TD - 300%
Puncture Resistance 550 g
Thermal Shrinkage @ 120 C, 1 hr. MD - <10%
TD - <3%

This data sheet only shows typical properties. We urge purchasers to conduct tests to determine final suitability for their specific end uses. No statement with respect to use is intended as a positive recommendation for such use, no guarantee of performance expressed or implied is made.