ENTEK Collaboration with BritishVolt, UK

Monday, November 14, 2022 – Tuesday, November 15, 2022


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12:00 am – 12:00 am
Nashville Tennessee

ENTEK and Britishvolt are excited to announce their ongoing collaboration has been memorialized between the companies in a Memorandum of Understanding.  The MoU sets forth a roadmap to examine the use of ENTEK’s separators in Britishvolt’s batteries and potential investment in facilities for ENTEK’s novel ceramic coated Lithium battery separator materials at both ENTEK’s current battery separator plant in Killingworth, Newcastle-upon-tyne and a co-located facility within Britishvolt’s Blyth campus in the UK.

The successful outcome of the collaboration would enable the scalable production of world-class Lithium battery separators to create and expand a robust onshore UK manufacturing ecosystem and supply chain for a strategically critical component of Britishvolt’s “Road to Zero” target.

Pursuant to the MoU roadmap, the Parties will work together to qualify the ENTEK separator product for Britishvolt’s target customer expectations and performance criteria.

Britishvolt is collaborating with ENTEK in this process to take advantage of ENTEK’s robust technology and protected intellectual property related to coated Lithium separator composites.  The MoU is the foundation for a long-term separator supply agreement that will allow ENTEK to invest in the UK’s first Lithium battery separator plant. 

Larry Keith, ENTEK CEO commented, “We are delighted to have been selected as Britishvolt’s preferred Lithium-ion battery separator partner and eager to align our objectives and investments with their transformational plans to build a 30+ gigawatt hour factory in the UK”.

Britishvolt is delighted to be entering into this non-binding Agreement with ENTEK to supply lithium-ion battery separators. ENTEK’s world-class technology will enable us to scale up our sustainable battery production and help to drive the UK to an electrified future. Colocation at Britishvolt’s site, the best in the UK and one of the top sites in Europe, will allow access to an abundance of renewable energy, essential for power intensive manufacturing processes. It will also reduce the length of the supply chain and along with it the carbon footprint of battery production.

ENTEK has a long history of investing in its UK operations and is a natural partner for Britishvolt as it establishes itself as the premier Lithium battery manufacturer in the UK.  Together, ENTEK and Britishvolt are committed to the future of electrification of vehicles with products made domestically.

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