We are a Materials Science Company.

We are Industry Leaders. We are Innovators.

ENTEK produces a portfolio of microporous membranes and high-performance materials for a broad range of energy storage and other functional membrane applications. We are a global materials science company with a passion for new technologies and product innovation.

Our membranes are used for energy storage, filtration, ion selective barriers, and both hydrophobic & hydrophilic breathable barriers suitable for sports apparel and medical applications.

ENTEK’s Technology Center in Oregon has a deep bench of scientists and researchers working to develop the next generation of possibilities for our customers across a variety of markets and end use applications.


ENTEK has a robust R&D department that is a direct reflection of the company’s core value of innovation. Our R&D team consists of over a dozen members, with areas of expertise that include:

  • Polymer science
  • Materials science
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Analytical Chemistry

    Our materials expertise encompasses advancements in polymers (UHMWPE), Inorganic Fillers (Silica, Alumina, Titania, Calcium carbonate and Sodium sulfate), as well as Metallurgy.


    ENTEK R & D has historically focused on both near-term, incremental product improvements, and longer term, disruptive technologies:


        Inorganic Fillers

        • Particle size control
        • Extrusion
        • Dispersion
        • Dip coating


        • Laser cladding
        • 3D printing
        • Hot isostatic pressing

          Porous Material Characterization

          The characterization of porous materials is a critical part of identifying their suitability for various applications. ENTEK has the following equipment on site and works with local universities when needing access to NMR, XRD, and SEM.

              Chemical Composition

              • FTIR
              • UV-VIS
              • ICP
              • TOC

              Mechanical Properties

              • Tensile
              • Puncture

              Thermal Characterization

              • TGA
              • DSC
              • TMA

              Pore Structure

              • Air permeability
              • Hg porosimetry
              • Capillary flow porometry
              • BET surface area
              • Diffusional resistance

              Skeletal Density

              • He pycnometry

              Electrochemical Properties

              • Cyclic voltammetry
              • Impedance
              • Ionic resistance
              • Optical microscopy

              Ready for a Challenge

              Our R&D Team is always ready for a challenge, particularly when it leads to commercial success for both parties. Please contact us with your current challenges to see if our expertise in the design, engineering and manufacturing of porous materials can help!


              Eric Hostetler

              Senior Research Engineer

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