Starting, Lighting & Ignition (SLI)

SLI battery manufacturers demand separators that provide excellent cycle life, strong durability, and low electrical resistance for every weather and road condition.

ENTEK - Icon Start Stop


ENTEK has embraced start-stop technology with separator technology that supports the fast-charging, high electrical load performance that start-stop batteries must deliver.

ENTEK - Icon Glassmat


ENTEK laminates glass mat for heavy duty applications. These products are characterized as high porosity for lower electrical resistance, with glass mat reinforcement to provide additional strength and wicking of the electrolyte in the battery to prevent acid stratification. Glass mat lamination evenly distributes pressure against the positive active material, enhancing battery performance and grid life.

profile design

A separator profile consists of its backweb thickness, overall thickness and width plus the design and layout of the ribs. Each profile gives different performance and use characteristics. The most common SLI separator profiles are listed below.

ENTEK - Lead Acid GE Profile


The GE profile is the best combination of cost saving rib design along with a superior plate puncture resistant shoulder design to give customers the best of both worlds…cost optimization and high-performance batteries. The 0.15 mm backweb GE profile is the world’s standard robust, high-performing, cost-effective battery separators. GE is available in .15, .20, and .25 back webs.


Our most robust rib design for battery applications requiring thicker separator back webs and closely spaced ribs. The PR profile has 20 major ribs in a standard width separator.

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