ENTEK PE Rubber is a rubber containing polyethylene separator designed to minimize water consumption in Antimony containing grid batteries. Applications include golf cart, floor scrubber, and motive power systems.

Antimony Suppression Effect

The Antimony Control Test demonstrates the effect of a separator leachate on the charge efficiency of the Pb electrode in the presence of 7.5 ppm antimony. A pure Pb electrode is cycled first in clean acid, then with the addition of separator leachate, and finally with the addition of Sb at 7.5 ppm. Higher charge efficiency indicates better Sb control.

ENTEK - Lead Acid GE Profile


ENTEK laminates glass mat to the separator ribs using an acid resistant adhesive. Glass mat lamination evenly distributes pressure against the positive active material, enhancing battery performance and grid life.

Rib Profile Design

Similar to ENTEK Industrial product, rib profiles are designed to customer specifications in straight, s-rib or diagonal configurations.

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