Extrusion Equipment & Manufacturing Services

ENTEK Offers Complete Customer Service

Purchasing from ENTEK is only the beginning of our relationship. We are committed to the success of our customers and we support you and your equipment throughout the life of your investment. We provide expertise with preventative maintenance plans, health and wellness checks, and training services so that you can focus on what you do best: sell your product.

Customer Support

Incidents, Requests and Preventative Maintenance Plans

ENTEK offers comprehensive support to protect and maintain your twin-screw machinery, including break/fix emergency response, requested services for installation, repair and replacement, as well as development of a customized preventative maintenance plan for your needs. We are here to help you!

Please contact ENTEK Customer_Support@entek.com for any of your service needs.

Health & Wellness Checks

ENTEK offers a variety of health and wellness inspections to keep your twin-screw machinery investment healthy. These checks include a comprehensive examination of your equipment that will extend machinery life and help prevent downtime.

Training Services

ENTEK provides customized training to keep your investment healthy. We combine classroom and hands-on training that can be conducted at the ENTEK Pilot Plant or at your facility and can be customized to match your process.

Pilot Plant Testing

Whether you want to test the performance of new material formulations, optimize screw profiles or work on specific downstream requirements, the ENTEK lab is the perfect place to make your trial a success.

Mechanical Engineering

ENTEK Plant services and equipment design and manufacturing

ENTEK provides world-class mechanical and design engineering for all of your plant and equipment manufacturing needs. Please contact us for more information on how we can help build start of the art facilities and equipment. We are here to help you!

Please contact ENTEK Customer_Support@entek.com for any of your service needs.

COntrols University

Learn with both classroom and on-site training, in out state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facilities. Watch the video below to learn more and contact us if you have any questions.

Screw Designer

Access ENTEK’s software program designed for customers to quickly and easily design screw and barrel layouts for specific applications.

Some of the built-in features of this software are:

  • Drag and drop, double click, and scrolling functionalities
  • Options include barrel and screw layouts, with specific metallurgy for each item
  • Safeguards are in place to display a warning when items are placed in locations that do not follow best practices
  • The file created can be exported to Excel where a spreadsheet list and a pictorial layout are printable
  • With one click, part numbers can be printed on the layout for easier quote and order requests
  • New capabilities are coming soon!
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