What we do now
affects the world today, and tomorrow

We are problem solvers, we are doers, and we are innovators of products and processes to improve our world. We play a critical role in advancing technologies aimed at sustainability.  We are committed to minimizing our impact on our shared planet. We help our customers to enable new technologies to reduce waste and contribute to climate initiatives.

Accelerating to a Lower-Carbon Economy

We are accelerating the transition to a lower-carbon economy with work in start/stop technology, recycling and bio-plastics, and energy-storage.

Start-stop Technology

Advancements in lead-acid battery technology have enabled today’s Start-stop systems in hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles. This technology allows the internal combustion system to automatically shut down and restart each time the vehicle comes to a stop, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by eliminating idling.

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ENTEK developed its LR battery separator technology to address the industry’s highest standards for extended flooded battery applications used in Start-Stop vehicles. Our unique formulation provides increased puncture strength, low electrical resistance, high oxidation resistance and low water loss required to support these batteries.

Recycling and Bioplastics

ENTEK is a leading supplier of extrusion equipment for the recycling and biopolymers industries. As a biopolymer pioneer, ENTEK has been supplying twin-screw extrusion systems and processing support to the industry since 2003. Today, many of the leading suppliers in this rapidly growing industry sector produce biopolymers on ENTEK machinery.

ENTEK has also led the way in helping plastics processors successfully recycle materials. By helping the industry recycle and reuse what was previously plastic waste, ENTEK is helping processors create new markets and opportunities that are contributing to solutions for keeping plastics waste out of the landfills.

ENTEK is committed to helping decarbonize our way of life. Offering separators for solutions behind the grid and in front of the grid, for Electric Vehicles and E-Rickshaws, ENTEK separators play a key part in decarbonizing the grid and electrifying our lives. Long-lasting designs help store energy for when it’s needed, where it’s needed. From Photovoltaic and Wind farms to EV fast-charging stations, ENTEK has separator solutions for nearly all energy storage applications.

The Energy Storage Association policy forum says the scale of batteries serving U.S. power grids is set to explode, increasing from about 1.5 gigawatts today to tens or hundreds of gigawatts by 2030. That’s a trend and scale that’s being duplicated around the world and presenting business opportunities while supporting a more sustainable, cleaner environment.  These grid storage batteries will play a vital role in shifting intermittent wind and solar power from when it’s produced to when it’s needed and serving broader grid services needs on an increasingly decarbonizing grid.

In regions where power grid reliability is an issue, inverter batteries provide the standby power and peace of mind to carry on with life’s activities. Inverter batteries provide a backup power solution typically used to convert DC current into AC current, as all of our electric appliances run on AC power. Lead-acid inverter batteries are also known as deep cycle batteries as they discharge a steady current over a much longer time as compared to Auto batteries.


As India pushes towards a greener, cleaner future, eRickshaws are an important piece of that strategy. To support a greener India (and countries across the SAARC region) ENTEK has developed an eRickshaw separator designed for deep cycle applications in challenging environments that helps mitigate water loss and grid corrosion. ENTEK’s eRickshaw separator provides better reliability, lower maintenance and the opportunity to offer longer warranty life for our customer’s batteries.


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