ENTEK separators provide industrial battery manufacturers with design flexibility and security of supply.

Motive Power

Motive power batteries include forklifts, locomotives, floor scrubbers for going that extra mile and golf cart batteries for extended playtime. Motive batteries deliver deep demand on discharge (DOD) and require fast charge rates. Certain batteries need antimony in the grid to suppress corrosion and ensure longer battery life. These batteries require special separators to minimize water loss.

ENTEK Lead Acid - Motive Fork Lift
ENTEK Lead Acid Industrial Batteries

Reserve (Stationary) Power

Reserve power batteries need to always be ready. End uses include nuclear, telecommunications, and infrastructure back-up systems. Dependability upon demand and long shelf-life attributes are essential to deliver reliability. Technologies in these batteries include flooded lead acid and gel chemistries.


ENTEK laminates glass mat for heavy duty applications.  These products are characterized as high porosity for lower electrical resistance, with glass mat reinforcement to provide additional strength and wicking of the electrolyte in the battery to prevent acid stratification.  Glass mat lamination evenly distributes pressure against the positive active material, enhancing battery performance and grid life.

Rib Profile Design

ENTEK makes industrial separators in three distinct rib profile types:

ENTEK Lead Acid Rib Design

Straight Rib

Design best suited to prevent gas entrapment in motive and stationary applications.


The S-rib design prevents vertical movement of the separators with respect to the lead plates in high-vibration applications. This separator is commonly used in motive applications.

Diagonal Rib

The diagonal rib design prevents gas entrapment and resists vertical movement with respect to the lead plates. Used in both motive and stationary applications.

ENTEK’s in-house profile design capability allows for customized rib profiles including 0.2-0.5mm mini-ribs on the negative side.

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