ENTEK Lead Acid

Lead Acid

The best batteries in the world are made with ENTEK separators, from SLI, start-stop, deep cycle, motive power and stationary batteries.
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ENTEK Lead Acid


We utilize a unique, wet process manufacturing approach to produce ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) base separators.
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Replacement Parts

Screws and Barrels

ENTEK manufactures replacement screws and barrels for twin-screw extruders ranging from 27mm to 250mm. All parts are manufactured in the US and our components are guaranteed to be compatible with OEM equipment.

Our screw elements are available in both solid and bi-metallic options for your needs. Our barrels are made with replaceable sleeves and reusable holders, resulting in an average 25% savings when it’s time to change them out. If your barrels are not currently sleeved, don’t worry – we can design them so they will be!

We strive to have the parts you need available when you need them. Work with us on your forecasted needs so that you don’t have to hold thousands of dollars of inventory.

Let ENTEK be your one stop shop for replacement parts.

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We have over 25 years of experience of supplying wear parts that have processed a wide range of the industry’s most challenging material formulations.  Our experts in metallurgy can recommend screw and barrel materials that are designed to provide the longest product life possible for your processing needs. To learn more about our standard metallurgy offerings, download the material specification chart below.

ENTEK Extrusion Solutions Replacement Wear Parts

Screw Layout Program 2.0

Access ENTEK’s software program designed for customers to quickly and easily design screw and barrel layouts for specific applications.

Some of the built-in features of this software are:

  • Metallurgy shown visually for barrels and screws, with key at bottom
  • Incompatibilities trigger pop up warnings as they occur in the layout when best practices are not followed, and are listed on the printed or saved layout
  • Ability to include materials and item numbers on printed or saved layout for ease of ordering replacement parts
  • The file created can be exported to Excel where a spreadsheet list and a pictorial layout are printable
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