Start Something Great in Your Life

ENTEK makes products that impact people in every corner of the globe. Our diverse team spans a huge array of disciplines, but whether you are a welder, an engineer, a scientist, a production associate or machinist, you will work towards a common goal… to make ENTEK the best it can be for its customers, employees and community.

ENTEK Core Values

ENTEK’s DNA is based on a set of Core Values, which drive everything we do.


Be honest and honor every person and organization we interact with


Stand behind what we say and act accordingly


Create new opportunities and relentlessly improve


Take initiative, display a “can do” attitude, work together to reach a common goal and celebrate victories


ENTEK’s success is driven by a great team of people executing our strategic vision in a customer-centric organization.  Everyone at ENTEK wears a lot of hats and is empowered and driven to get things done.  Our core values provide a framework for what we expect from one another and we all live those values.  The energy that drives our success is self-sustaining and nurtured by a culture of servant leadership.  ENTEK’s management mission puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform to the greatest extent possible.  It’s simple, it’s supportive, and it’s effective.  ENTEK employees enjoy what they do because they are empowered to succeed and share in our success story.  Customers experience the genuine desire to serve them and get to be part of the synergy at ENTEK.  Our commitment is to provide industry-leading service and customer care. 

Our team is dedicated to getting a little bit better every day.

Are you ready for something great in your life?  We look forward to meeting you.


Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

Jakarta, Indonesia

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