Core Beliefs

Committed to Reducing Waste

We are committed to reducing waste across our global operations. We operate using the principles of Lean Manufacturing and work diligently to reduce production waste. We invest in projects that engage in good stewardship by recycling our raw materials for reuse in our process to all but eliminate material from going into landfills.

Whenever possible, we purchase goods and supplies locally. By doing so, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing necessary transit, but supporting local businesses as well.

ENTEK Core Values

ENTEK’s DNA is based on a set of Core Values, which drive everything we do.


Be honest and honor every person and organization we interact with


Stand behind what we say and act accordingly


Create new opportunities and relentlessly improve


Take initiative, display a “can do” attitude, work together to reach a common goal and celebrate victories

ENTEK - Global Flags

A Diverse, Global Team

We are a diverse global team of individuals leveraging our strengths and talents in order to build a better company. We stand strong behind our core value of Respect and expect every employee to commit to upholding that value. We cultivate leaders for our global, multicultural team that can help their people realize their full potential.

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