Overview of the ENTEK Companies

ENTEK continues to expand its customer base and introduce exciting new products.  In consideration of our customers who may not have the opportunity to tour our facilities and meet our amazing team of managers, scientists, engineers and production associates, ENTEK has produced three videos to bring our operations to you: ENTEK Corporate Overview, ENTEK Separators for Flooded Pb-Acid Batteries and ENTEK Extruders and Engineering Services.

To start us off, we present to you the first video in our series, ENTEK Corporate Overview.  We will follow this with videos introducing you to our Lead Acid and Extruders divisions.  Stay tuned for further announcements!

These videos are intended to communicate ENTEK’s powerful commitment to customer service, product innovation and ease of doing business.  Our staff, facilities and products are featured in the videos to give a sense of ENTEK’s capabilities and core values.  We hope you enjoy watching the videos and we look forward to serving you.

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