An ABC Close to Home

This year’s record attendance at the Asian Battery Conference in Bali was a testimony to the high expectations of its delegates, and they certainly didn’t leave disappointed.  We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to visit our booth and talk to us about how ENTEK can better serve them in the future.  It was fitting that the location afforded ENTEK an opportunity to be a major sponsor at an event in our home country in Asia.  This year’s ABC seemed to offer something for everyone, with just enough downtime for those who wanted to pause and enjoy a balmy evening oceanside.

Exotic locale aside, the biggest draw to this conference format, for suppliers and manufacturers alike, is the ability to engage one-on-one with many people across the industry over a very short time period.  ABC also pulls in some of the leading voices from all segments of the battery industry (including ENTEK’s own Rick Pekala).  Subsequently, this makes it a wealth of information on market analysis, technology, development trends and environmental studies.  You can read Rick’s presentation on Oxidation Mechanisms and O2 Transport here.

ENTEK’s sales and executive teams arrived in force, bringing its largest delegation to date, in order to make themselves more easily accessible to customers and business affiliates alike.  Like its counterpart in Europe, ABC is a great opportunity to interface, both formally and informally, with industry partners.  ENTEK hit on the informal part of that equation by hosting a customer reception in the Temple Garden of the Laguna resort, just a stone’s throw from the conference, and featuring a full Balinese barbecue, with traditional fire dancers providing entertainment.

The conference expo was well attended and a great opportunity to showcase ENTEK’s joint venture with its Asia partner, NSG.  The companies shared a booth, allowing the two groups the ability to facilitate their efforts to inform customers and associates of ENTEK-NSG’s commitment to growth in the region.

The week culminated in the grand gala, which the show organizers pulled out all the stops for.  As sponsor of the event, ENTEK was honored to give the welcoming address, delivered by Clint Beutelschies, ENTEK’s VP of Global Sales, in which he announced ENTEK’s plans to double capacity at the ENTEK-NSG plant in 2021.

Bali proved an excellent launching point for the exciting developments ahead.

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