Announcing ENTEK LR for EFB Batteries

ENTEKENTEK announces at the 14th European Lead Battery Conference (14-ELBC) that its new ENTEK LR separator, designed to enable the next generation of high-performance Extended Flooded Batteries (EFB), is available commercially.  The initial product launch is for separators with 0.20 and 0.25mm backwebs and will be produced at ENTEK’s Newcastle, UK facility.  These products are available for sale beginning in October 2014 to meet the demand for EFB batteries in EMEA region.

ENTEK LR has higher porosity, lower tortuosity, and both faster and sustained wettability.  ENTEK’s LR technology results in 30% lower electrical resistance and 20% higher puncture strength compared to a standard separator with the same backweb and overall thickness.

ENTEK LR has been tested in a number of EFB battery designs for OEM applications.   These tests have demonstrated lower internal resistance, higher cold cranking capacity, good oxidation resistance and excellent cycle life. 

“ENTEK LR represents the design and engineering of a separator from first principles.  The ENTEK R&D Team focused on changes in microstructure, formulation and process technology to demonstrate that product improvements measured in the laboratory could be realized in a battery.” – Dr. Richard Pekala, ENTEK Vice President of Research and Development

“The launch of ENTEK LR has received an extraordinarily positive response from customers.  ENTEK LR has been tested by customers requiring a next generation separator for next generation batteries.  The testing went well in every case and I’m pleased to announce that ENTEK has a purchase commitment for ENTEK LR from a leading European EFB battery manufacturer. “ – David Trueba, ENTEK Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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