Complete Extrusion Systems and Turnkey Manufacturing Plants

ENTEK is well-known in the industry for its co-rotating twin-screw extruders and replacement wear parts. But a large part of the company’s business is perhaps not as well-known; ENTEK is also a major provider of complete extrusion systems and turnkey manufacturing plants.

The Complete Extrusion Systems that ENTEK provides consist of the entire production line, from raw materials in to finished products out. ENTEK takes full responsibility for the production line and designs, delivers and installs the entire extrusion system.  While the ‘heart’ of the system is ENTEK’s twin-screw extruder, ENTEK customizes the entire extrusion system for each customer’s specific needs.

Another ENTEK specialty is providing complete Turnkey Manufacturing Plants for its customers. These plants are designed specifically for each customer’s application and are customized to best suit the processes and materials being run.  ENTEK engineers provide everything from site selection to plant design, construction, and ongoing support once up and running.

Contact any ENTEK salesperson if you’re interested in putting its extrusion system or turnkey plant expertise to work for your company.

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