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2020 Focus: Customer Support Team Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)

ENTEK D BulmerPMP Plans are the 2020 focus for our Customer Support Team. Our goals are to:

-Prevent Failures, Wear and Downtime

-Extend the Lifecycle of our ENTEK Fleet

-Protect Our Customers’ Investment

Developed with input from our customers and cross-functional technical teams, we launched our PMP Plan, which has been received with great enthusiasm and success!

Introducing our 2020 PMP Plan

Customizable and complete, our plan targets the needs of each customer. We combine our complete Mechanical Wellness Check with additional Critical Checks – finding the best balance to ensure the comprehensive examinations will extend the life of your investment.

We are ready to help you avoid the stress and additional cost of unexpected failures and outages – many issues can be detected and avoided through regular checks of systems and equipment, along with checks for wear and obsolete parts.

To customize your own PMP Plan or for any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team at 541-259-1068 or ENTEK_Customer_Support@entek.com.

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