What Some of Our Customers Have to Say – Extruders

The secret to ENTEK’s success is no secret at all – it’s providing the best service and support possible to ensure our customers succeed. It’s one thing to hear it from us; but see below for actual quotes from several ENTEK customers (names and identifiers have been deleted)!

“I was down at our plant this week. Beautiful installation!  We’re working on other things, but the extruder itself is running like a champ. I appreciate all the help getting it in and running.”


“I wanted to take this opportunity to point out a few of the areas we love about Entek and what contributes to our current relationship and what inspires us to strive to strengthen that relationship.

First and foremost, your sense of teamwork and ease of working together on every project no matter how big or small. Almost each and every order that goes through your door is a project and just the way you have streamlined the process of project management into almost an art is awesome. The open concept from top to bottom pulling down the silos of departmentalism so each department, and even within departments, can utilize their resources as needed and work together to achieve is great. I wish we could have your whole team come out to our plant and present that culture to our company. In addition to the sense of teamwork is the drive for customer satisfaction. Your entire team and organization goes above and beyond to make sure we always have what we need… and more. This is certainly a value that we pride ourselves in with our customers and is yet another alignment we have between our organizations.

So, again, thank you very much for all your support and all the contributions you make to help us get in a better position to take on current and future challenges. You make our choice of who to work with when purchasing equipment very easy!”


“I think all your guys are top notch and extremely helpful. Thanks for keeping in touch.”


“Just wanted to express my gratitude for arranging to send Rob back over here, we have plenty of local suppliers that wouldn’t even drive across town to deal with a problem – you guys should write a book about customer service!”

(published in June 2013 Extrusion Solutions Newsletter)

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