MHG DaniMer Chooses ENTEK




Leading Biopolymer Producer Continues to Expand, Increase Production




MHG DaniMer (South Hall, Booth No. 35027 at NPE 2015) focuses on the use of sustainably produced, renewable resources to improve people’s lives and work. One of the company’s goals is to reduce our planet’s dependence on petroleum, enabling people and communities to benefit from environmentally friendly products.

Since 2007, when DaniMer initially met with ENTEK and purchased their first twin-screw extruder for compounding biopolymers, the company has grown dramatically. In addition to building a new state-of-the-art processing facility in Bainbridge, DaniMer has increased production and purchased several high-output ENTEK machines for producing large volumes of biopolymers.

Biopolymers – Out of the Lab and Into Production

At NPE 2012, ENTEK proudly displayed a 103mm E-MAX twin-screw extruder in its booth that was purchased by DaniMer for high volume biopolymer production. That machine was employed by DaniMer to support its expansion and scale up production of its Renewable Hot Melt Adhesives (RHMA) product line.

Bill Petrozelli, ENTEK’s Regional Sales Manager who services DaniMer, said that DaniMer’s growth shows the viability of biopolymers. “The industry tends to think of these materials as a small, but possibly growing market,” he said. “The reality is, as seen by DaniMer’s growth and large capacity production, biopolymers are booming and are here to stay.”

New Biopolymer Marketsecotainer

With ENTEK’s help, MHG DaniMer has developed many novel biopolymers such as RHMA, ReNew Film Resins and Energy Stimulation Polymers for the oil service industry. “We are very pleased with our ENTEK machines and the impeccable service from the ENTEK team,” stated Scott Tuten, Senior Vice President.

One of DaniMer’s core beliefs is building relationships. “We believe relationships are an integral part of our business, we do not use the term vendors nor customers, instead we refer to them as our partners,” stated Blake Lindsey, President of DaniMer. “And we’re proud to call ENTEK a partner.”

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