ENTEK 2020

ENTEK’s strategic plan through 2020 is a roadmap for global growth in all our product portfolios.  Successfully executing our strategic plan requires close integration of our three operating divisions.  Our internal and external communication plan for that integration inevitably led us to the need for a new, unified corporate identity.

We’ve selected colors, designed a new logo, and written our style guide to bring that identity to life.  Our brand identity is designed to affirm and reinforce our roadmap for growth.  Our new website brings ENTEK’s three product groups together on our new entek.com domain. The website will be a platform for communicating who we are and what we’re doing to our local communities, suppliers, and customers.

We will be introducing new products backed by our renowned customer service in markets around the world.  Our pace of innnovation is fast and will be faster still; entek.com will keep the world abreast of our progress.

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