ENTEK Announces New Health & Wellness Checks for Twin-Screw Extruders

ENTEK has announced a new service from its Customer Support Department, designed to help customers with preventative maintenance for their twin-screw extruders and equipment.

The new ENTEK Health & Wellness Checks service is a combination of critical mechanical health checks, general wellness checks, and other checks including electrical and overall maintenance.  This comprehensive examination of customer equipment will extend machinery life and prevent downtime.

ENTEK’s recently expanded Customer Support Department (see article on p. 3), led by Darla Bulmer, Customer Support Manager, has implemented this new service.  Working with a cross-functional technical team, the Health & Wellness Checks has already proven successful and is the first component in an overall Preventative Maintenance Program.

“We are ready to help our customers avoid the stress and additional costs of unplanned failures and outages,” said Darla Bulmer.  “Many issues can be detected and avoided through regular checks of systems and equipment, along with a comprehensive check for wear and obsolete parts.”

To schedule your Wellness Check or for any questions, contact ENTEK’s Customer Support Department at (541) 259-1068 or send an e-mail to ENTEK_Customer_Support@entek.com.

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