ENTEK Announces the Addition of Dr. Heejae Kim to the Li-Battery Separator Team

Lebanon, OR, USA, January 4, 2024

ENTEK is pleased to announce that Dr. Heejae Kim has joined the company as Vice President of Product Technology and Business Development – Lithium.

Dr. Kim comes to ENTEK with a wealth of knowledge in materials science, as well as significant experience with key US growth battery manufacturers. He earned his BS and MS degrees in technical disciplines from Seoul National University, and a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr. Kim will work closely with ENTEK’s technical staff, leadership team, and key current and potential customers to enable the growth of ENTEK’s growing Lithium separator production in Terre Haute, IN.

Richard W. Pekala, Chief Technology Officer, stated, “I am excited to have Heejae join the ENTEK team. His experience in R&D, strategic planning, global marketing, and the battery supply chain will help us to grow our separator business more efficiently with Lithium-ion cell manufacturers located in North America. This is an exciting time as we build out our separator plant in support of the Department of Energy’s mission to create a robust domestic supply chain for Li-ion batteries used in xEV’s and energy storage systems.”

About:ENTEK has over 35 years of experience producing battery separators for batteries to support standard vehicles, advanced start-stop vehicles, trucks, emergency vehicles, emergency backup power, utility-scale energy storage, and industrial batteries.  ENTEK enjoys more than two decades of experience as the only US-owned and US based producer of ‘wet-process’ separator for lithium batteries and continues to invest in the future of the domestic lithium battery industry. ENTEK also designs and manufactures extruders and material-handling equipment for the production of battery separators and many other non-ENTEK applications.

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