Machines Feature Industry-Leading Throughput Rates

ENTEK Manufacturing, Inc.’s line of co-rotating twin-screw extruders are known for their high performance, and are in use by many of the industry’s leading wood-plastic decking producers. The company’s line of E-MAX™ twin-screw extruders feature specific designs and options for wood-plastic composite (WPC) applications. These machines feature industry-leading output rates:


ENTEK extruders feature co-rotating twin screws, which are designed for maximum throughput and excellent mixing capabilities, and are constructed to withstand the harshest material formulations and operating conditions.

ENTEK offers complete turnkey manufacturing systems for WPC’s. These inclusive systems include a wide range of co-rotating twin-screw extruders which are specifically engineered and optimized for production of these materials.

In addition to offering its twin-screw extruders, ENTEK also can provide all auxiliary equipment, start-up and engineering support for complete WPC production lines. Equipment offered includes:

  • – loss-in-weight feeders
  • – melt pumps
  • – dies
  • – cooling tanks
  • – cutting saws
  • – surface molding
  • – process control systems

ENTEK also offers complete turnkey solutions for entire processing plants.

“Whether a customer is looking to add an extrusion line, is considering a plant expansion, or is planning an entirely new production facility, we can help,& said Dr. Kirk Hanawalt, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for ENTEK.

Turnkey Processing Solutions

Because of their experience providing machinery and turnkey engineering support for the production operations of its sister company, ENTEK International, ENTEK Manufacturing’s engineers and production designers are in a unique position. Their expertise goes far beyond just providing twin-screw extruders. When ENTEK began selling machinery to the WPC industry six years ago, it quickly became apparent that its customers wanted more.

“Our WPC customers wanted more than a machinery provider, they wanted us to partner with them to improve their overall productivity,” said Hanawalt. “Because of our plant engineering and turnkey processing experience, we could offer valuable insight on the overall process and how to improve operations. It is now something we offer as standard to all our customers and we don’t require fees or licenses for the continuing use of our technology.”

In addition, ENTEK offers all customers the use of its in-house lab in Lebanon, Oregon for proving out new material formulations. “With material formulas constantly being optimized for better output and quality, it is important that extensive testing be done to prove-out the formulation,” said Hanawalt. “We work with our customers to run comprehensive trials of their materials on production equipment, to perfect the process.”


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