ENTEK Builds New Laboratory

ENTEK QA LabENTEK’s new Quality Assurance and Analytical laboratory on its Lebanon, OR campus will have 2,240ft² (208 m2) of floor space.  The new laboratory will enable us to cover all our customers’ needs in one all-encompassing space, while observing good Lean practices. ENTEK has invested in sophisticated analytical equipment in the past and has now continued that tradition with the purchase of a state-of-the-art Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) unit to ensure that the separators we produce meet the most stringent of specifications when it comes to impurity control.

Plan QA LabQuality Assurance testing is taken very seriously at ENTEK, with millions of tests carried out annually to ensure that the separators leaving our facility meet or exceed expectations. We look forward to moving into this new lab late in 2016 and would be happy to give you a tour on your next visit.


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