ENTEK Customer Support: Rebuild Services

ENTEK is working to reduce cost of ownership for our customers by expanding our twin-screw extruder REBUILD, REFURBISHMENT and REPAIR SERVICES.  Let us help you identify potential areas for improvement and schedule these services, which will save you time and money, and keep you up and running.

We will work with each customer to evaluate your worn barrels, including coordination of the return, assessment of damage, needed repairs and potential for replacement of liners.  In addition to cost savings over the lifespan of the barrels, rebuild services will save time, keeping your barrels working for you.

Gearbox Inspection & Rebuild – Extruder and Splitter Gearbox

Scheduled rebuilds of your gearbox prevent unplanned downtime, urgent failures and limit “fire drills” for your team.  Let us help you create a plan, as part of your preventative maintenance routine.  We will strive to have a rental gearbox available, as possible.

Melt Pumps

Complete rebuild and repair of your ENTEK melt pump is available on a scheduled or unplanned basis, following an evaluation and assessment by our technical staff.  We will work with your team to assess your needs, including spares and a plan for preventative maintenance of your melt pump.

Contact us for more information by calling 541-259-1068
or email ENTEK_Customer_Support@entek.com

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