Have You Seen Our Latest Ads?

Our latest ads, appearing both in print and online in the leading plastics industry trade publications, highlight our newest products and technologies.

In continuing with our ‘people’ theme, that’s our own Ryley Jones, Mechanical Engineering Supervisor and HT72 Project Leader, and Micah Woody, Pilot Plant Technician, appearing in our new ads.   Ryley led the team that developed the HT72 twin-screw extruder for the past three years; Micah runs trials in our in-house Pilot Plant and helped develop our new Vacuum Feed Technology (VFT).

Our new HT72 twin-screw extruder provides high-torque for high throughputs, and is ideal for continuous 24/7/365 commodity compounding and masterbatch production.  Click here to watch our video and hear Ryley talk more about its features and benefits.

ENTEK’s patented Vacuum Feed Technology helps compounders overcome the challenges of processing ‘fluffy’ materials, and can help boost extruder output by almost 2x.  For more information on the features and benefits of VFT, click here to watch our video. 

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