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ENTEK QC3-33 ExtruderQC3-33mm Twin-Screw Extruder

In our last issue of Extrusion Solutions we introduced ENTEK’s newest co-rotating twin-screw extruder, the QC3-33mm. This extruder is ideal for producing small lots of custom compounds and features fast changeover capabilities due to its QC3 design (Quick-Clean, Quick-Change, and Quality Control).

At press time we’re proud to announce that our first QC3-33mm machine is nearing completion and will be shipped shortly to our customer Interfacial Consultants (IFC) in Prescott, Wisconsin (see related story on p. 1).  IFC will use the extruder at its new sister company, Rev Materials LLC.  “The new QC3-33mm extruder will be a perfect fit for Rev Materials,” said Austin Lindsey, ENTEK Regional Sales Manager.  “Rev Materials produces small lots of custom compounds for its customers, fast – and they need to make frequent screw set changes on their machinery.  Our QC3 design allows for just that.”

Replacement Wear Parts Update

A Growing Business – Large Parts for Non-ENTEK Brand Twin-Screw Extruders

In past issues of Extrusion Solutions, we have mentioned how ENTEK has expanded its replacement wear parts offerings for twin-screw extruders to include large-size screws and barrels, at sizes up to 250mm.  We’re happy to report that this business has continued to grow and the company has provided replacement parts at sizes of 133mm, 160mm, and 250mm to numerous compounders running non-ENTEK brand twin-screw extruders.

All parts are manufactured at ENTEK’s headquarters in Lebanon, Oregon USA.

Tammy Straw, ENTEK’s Marketing and Business Development Manager, said ENTEK continues to commit resources to building its replacement wear parts business. “We are once again expanding our machine and assembly shops (see related story on p. 3), which will help us keep up with demand,” she said.

To obtain a quote for replacement wear parts, or to learn more about ENTEK’s aftermarket services, contact Tammy at (541) 259-1068 or tstraw@entek.com.

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