ENTEK International announces a capacity expansion at its US facility

Following the success of the major investment in additional capacity in 2008 at its Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK facility ENTEK International has experienced unprecedented demand for its RhinoHide® separators.

The sustained growth in the global lead-acid battery industry and the success of ENTEK International’s customer base has resulted in a strategic review of separator capacity investments.

In order for ENTEK International to continue to provide its world-leading and unsurpassed quality separators to the global lead-acid battery industry ENTEK will be investing in a significant capacity upgrade at its Oregon, USA, facility.

This investment in additional manufacturing capacity for SLI polyethylene separators. ENTEK International has designed the new state-of-the-art lines to generate an additional 60 million square meters of separator material to meet the long term growth demands of its global customer base.

ENTEK Lead Acid

Lead Acid

The best batteries in the world are made with ENTEK separators, from SLI, start-stop, deep cycle, motive power and stationary batteries.
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ENTEK Lead Acid


We utilize a unique, wet process manufacturing approach to produce ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) base separators.
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