ENTEK Introduces New QC3-43MM Twin-Screw Extruder

Providing Enhanced Quick-Change, Quick-Clean, and Quality Control Capabilities to Compounders

QC<sup>3</sup>-43mm sales, design and development team

ENTEK’s sales, design and development teams with the new QC3-43mm twin-screw extruder

ENTEK will introduce an all-new 43mm twin-screw extruder at NPE 2015 in Orlando, FL, March 23-27 at the Orange County Convention Center.

The QC3-43MM co-rotating twin-screw extruder represents the culmination of several years of design and development, where ENTEK worked closely with its compounding customers and used lean principles to drive its development.  The result is a new machine that provides important benefits to compounders, especially “QC3™ “:

-Quick Change:  allows for fast, easy screw-set changeovers. New self-alignment feature takes the worry out of installing the screws into couplings, and new design allows screws to only be installed one way – the correct way.   Guards come off quickly, and go back on the same way.  All necessary tools for changeover and maintenance are mounted at point-of-use on the extruder.

-Quick Clean:  New extruder frame design deflects dust and keeps machine clean under the hood, and Stainless Steel and powder-coated surfaces look great today and 10 years from now.  Optional device allows for fast, easy barrel cleaning.

-Quality Control:  All QC3 twin-screw extruders are engineered and built at ENTEK’s headquarters in Lebanon, Oregon U.S.A.  Top-quality components manufactured here in our shop give years of top-quality performance.

-Better Compounding:  Increased production rates (33% higher output shaft torque) with 200HP/1,200rpm motor and increased screw OD/ID for compounding the most challenging formulations.

-Ease of Use:  SMART controls feature enhanced graphics, recipe library, trending software, and web-based connectivity for remote troubleshooting.

“All of these benefits were things that our customers communicated to us that they wanted,” said John Effmann, ENTEK Extruders’ Director of Sales & Marketing.  “Their challenge to us was to design and build a twin-screw extruder that solved these problems, made their lives easier and increased their productivity.  This machine answers those needs.  This is a machine designed for customers looking for the highest productivity, versatility, utilization and quality.”

The QC3-43MM twin-screw extruder features a 43mm barrel bore diameter, which is a new size for ENTEK machines.  “Our research has shown that this size is the most common for general material compounding applications,” said Effmann.  “We will continue to provide the industry with our complete range of machines, which run from 27-133mm sizes.  For now, the QC3-43MM is the only ENTEK twin-screw extruder with these new features, but we will phase in these design changes to our other machines as well.”

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