Conical Barrels 012ENTEK Plus, the replacement wear parts and services unit of ENTEK Manufacturing Inc. (EMI), the leading North American-based supplier of co-rotating twin-screw extruders, has announced it is now manufacturing conical barrels specifically designed for PVC extrusion applications in both nitrided and high wear/corrosion resistant 64H materials.

The new 64H conical barrels from ENTEK are both abrasion and corrosion resistant, and feature substantially longer life than standard nitrided barrels. “The corrosion resistance is a key feature that nitrided barrels do not have,” said John Effmann, ENTEK Director of Sales and Marketing. “They are an excellent solution for PVC processors looking to achieve longer processing life from their conical barrels.”

The ENTEK 64H conical barrels feature 0.150” material thickness on the inside diameter of the barrel vs. 0.015” typical maximum thickness of nitrided barrels. Independent tests have shown the ENTEK barrels provide almost 4x the wear resistance, and 5x the corrosion resistance of standard nitrided barrels.

A New Product from ENTEK Plus

The 64H conical barrels are a new offering from ENTEK Plus, the business unit started up by ENTEK in December 2008 to focus on supplying replacement wear parts and services for both ENTEK and non-ENTEK brands of twin-screw extruders. The company invested heavily in new machining centers in late 2008 to expand its manufacturing capabilities and reduce lead times on its replacement wear parts.

“These barrels are a result of our machine shop expansion,” said Effmann. “They are for a market not previously served by ENTEK. This is a good example of ENTEK Plus capabilities, and we expect to be introducing additional new products in the future.”

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