ENTEK Introduces the HT72 Twin-Screw Extruder

ENTEK HT72mm Extruder

ENTEK is proud to introduce its newest co-rotating twin-screw extruder, the HT72. HT stands for ‘High Torque’ and this new machine provides just that – in fact, it delivers the highest free volume at 18 torque density in the industry!

In addition to its robust construction, the HT72 is coupled with a larger motor size to be a true workhorse for continuous 24/7/365 production. The HT72 is the first in what will be a new series of twin-screw extruders from ENTEK.

The HT72 is designed for the commodity compounding and masterbatch industry, where customers require medium-to-large batch production sizes and high production rates are especially important. When coupled with ENTEK’s new patented Vacuum Feed Technology (VFT), the HT72 can drive throughputs even higher for processes which involve feeding low density fillers. This new machine will be welcomed by compounders looking for maximum uptime, high production rates, and readily available Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) data, both at the machine and via remote monitoring and access from mobile devices.

“We are excited to be launching this new twin-screw extruder to the compounding market,” said Linda Campbell, ENTEK VP of Sales. “It represents almost three years of research and development, to produce a completely new machine that provides industry-best performance. When you combine the industry-best performance and technology of this machine with the outstanding customer service and support that ENTEK is known for, we believe we are adding value for our customers.”

Features of the new HT72 are numerous, but the following lists some of the machine’s key specifications:

• 18 Nm/cm3 torque density
• 1.61 Do/Di
• Mistake-proof screw elements and shafts
• Dashboard for quick health stats (OEE)
• Low decibel water cooled motor
• Real time vibration monitoring
• Real time oil quality monitoring
• Easy access offboard cooling system
• Full stainless-steel shroud for easy cleaning
• Insulation blankets to retain heat
• Point of use tools
• Quarter turn, standardized retained fasteners
• Hinged guards for quick access

New Patent-Pending Vent Flow Sensor

An important new feature of the HT72 is a new, patent-pending Vent Flow Sensor.   If the sensor detects a potential problem with vent flow, operators will have the time to correct any processing issues before they become problematic.  This device will effectively reduce unplanned downtime and help reduce safety issues including the risk of fire.  It will also make vent flow cleaning easier. 

Watch our short video featuring Ryley Jones, ENTEK’s Mechanical Engineering Supervisor and HT72 Project Lead, discussing the features and benefits of our newest twin-screw extruder! 

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