ENTEK Launches New Twin-Screw Extruder Products and Technologies

ENTEK Extruders Product Launch

New HT72 Twin-Screw Extruder and Vacuum Feed Technology (VFT) Introduced at June 8th Virtual Press Event

June 8th was a big day for ENTEK Manufacturing Inc., as the company officially launched its latest twin-screw extruder products and technologies.  After almost three years of research and development, the company introduced its new High-Torque HT72 Twin-Screw Extruder and Vacuum Feed Technology (VFT) through a virtual Press Event. 

The plastics industry’s leading reporters and editors attended the event, which was held on the Zoom platform.  After a brief welcome from Linda Campbell, ENTEK’s Vice President of Sales, ENTEK President Kim Medford provided updates on the state of ENTEK’s business.  Then Ryley Jones, ENTEK Mechanical Engineering Supervisor, and Dean Elliott, ENTEK Technical Processing Manager, presented the details on the company’s newest products and technologies. 

“The original plan was to introduce the HT72 and VFT at NPE2021 in Orlando,” said Linda Campbell, “but as we all know the show was canceled.  So we decided to hold this virtual press event as the best way to get our news out to the plastics industry.”

Campbell noted the last major press conference that ENTEK held was in 2015, when members of the plastics industry press traveled to ENTEK’s headquarters in Oregon to see the launch of the company’s QC3 (Quick Change, Quick Clean, Quality Control) line of twin-screw extruders. 

“Of course we would have preferred to host the press here in Oregon again, but there are still travel challenges due to the global pandemic,” she said.  “This virtual conference was our next best option and based on the coverage we’re already seeing, we’re very happy with how it turned out.” Detailed stories on the new HT72 twin-screw extruder and Vacuum Feed Technology (VFT) appear in this issue of Extrusion Solutions.  Check them out and visit ENTEK’s new website at www.entek.com for more information. 

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