ENTEK and Lean

ENTEK attends Lean conferenceOn March 19, 2015, ENTEK (Separators – UK Division) took part in a Lean Manufacturing conference held in Birmingham.  The conference focused on the implementation of lean methodology and ways to overcome potential problems that can arise. There were 8 case studies from a variety of companies representing all sectors of Manufacturing (ENTEK’s Brian Dickinson, Lean Manager, presented), and approximately 80 delegates taking part in the event. There were also 2 Workshops focusing on how to handle people who resist the introduction of Lean initiatives and how to apply Lean principles through times of business difficulty.

Other event topics included:

  • How lean tools and techniques can help assist businesses when issues arise within lean and continuous improvement programs
  • How to ensure optimal employee engagement across all lean programs
  • Developing ways to sustain your lean program when your original lean leaders and champions leave
  • Understanding the importance of a lean education for both the engagement of staff and the sustainment of your lean program
  • Understanding that poorly managed lean programs and technologies can impact your customers experience, and acting appropriately to develop ways to avoid this happening
  • Ensuring that all your employees share the same vision for your company’s lean program, and how it is imperative that all employees understand why you are using lean tools.

Great job to Brian for bringing his wealth of knowledge of lean principles to others.

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