ENTEK Manufacturing, Inc. of Lebanon, OR has announced it has achieved a safety milestone: the company has gone two years without a lost-time event. This means that ENTEK’s 85 employees have totaled almost 500,000 hours of work without a single accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines a recordable at-work injury as one serious enough to require a doctor’s care and to require record-keeping under OSHA standards.

“This achievement has been a total team effort from all our employees, and they should be proud of their commitment to safety,” said Rick Price, ENTEK’s Director of Manufacturing.

“We have developed a company culture here at ENTEK where all employees watch for unsafe conditions and if they see them, they report them to our safety committee,” Price continued. “Everyone is encouraged to speak up if they see a potentially unsafe situation.”

ENTEK will celebrate this accomplishment this week when they treat all employees to a steak and lobster luncheon. Price said the company looks forward to achieving its next safety goal, which is 1,000 days without a lost-time accident.

Good Times

Business is very strong at ENTEK these days, and the future for the company is bright. The company consists of two divisions: ENTEK International, which produces battery separators for the automotive maintenance-free battery market, and sister company ENTEK Manufacturing, Inc. (EMI), which provides all machinery and engineering support to ENTEK International.

EMI also builds and markets its own machinery products to the plastics and other related industries. The company’s products are used to mix plastics with other materials, to produce formulations that are used in such diverse applications as biodegradable packaging and wood-plastic composite decking. Recent successes in these and other markets have generated record sales for ENTEK, and the company is hiring new staff and expanding to keep up with the demand.

“Were proud to be an Oregon-based company,” said Dr. Kirk Hanawalt, ENTEK Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our employees are our strength. With their talent and dedication we are producing world-class products, and we expect to continue our strong growth.”

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