ENTEK-NSG Breaks Ground

And, we’re off!  Construction on ENTEK-NSG’s expansion and new line kicked off in Bogor with a ribbon cutting and traditional prayer ceremony.  Production was paused and the whole team was on hand to participate in the ceremony.  Larry Keith, along with representatives from ENTEK’s global management, as well as the project’s construction company (PT Alam Dunia Engineering and Construction) were all there for the big celebration.

Larry thanked the ENTEK team for their hard work and dedication to making ENTEK-NSG a world-class facility and outlined the company’s plan for further expansion.  Then, a traditional mountain rice-cutting ceremony began with the symbolic first cut, which Larry presented to project leaders.  The second cut was made by Joe Gird, ENTEK’s US Director of Maintenance, and was presented to the project manager and construction foreman.

ENTEK-NSG’s own Mr. Budianto, a local cleric, officiated the prayer ceremony and moment of silence to allow the participants to recite the al-fatiha to wish blessings on the construction of the new building and line.  Larry Keith, Joe Gird and Mr. Byongin Choi (project leader) performed the ribbon cutting and officially opened the construction site.  The ceremony closed with participants partaking of the mountain rice.

The ceremony marked the launch of ENTEK and NSG’s plan to expand its capacity of battery separator production in the region.  The building will be constructed at the same time the production equipment is being built and assembled by ENTEK’s own machinery division in the US.  Commissioning of the new line is scheduled for Q1 of 2021.

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