ENTEK Welcomes New Pilot Plant Manager

Andy HoffmannENTEK is pleased to introduce Andy Hoffmann, our company’s new Pilot Plant Manager. Andy joined ENTEK on April 1 and immediately got to work, scheduling trials with our customers and getting to know our in-house team.

Before coming to ENTEK, Andy spent ten years working at a custom plastic compounder that produced both proprietary and toll formulations. During this time, he held a variety of positions in the Technical and Operations departments at their locations in the United States and abroad including QA Lab Technician, R&D Development Chemist and Process Engineer.

Andy has a vast knowledge of the plastic compounding industry, including the various types and styles of compounding machinery and the associated downstream and upstream equipment. In addition, he has extensive knowledge on materials, testing, and process development.

Andy holds a B.A. in Chemistry from a private Wisconsin college. He enjoys hiking, biking, snowboarding, cars, DIY, and wood working.

“I’m excited to be joining ENTEK and relocating to Oregon,” said Andy. “I look forward to working with and supporting ENTEK’s customers on both pilot plant trials and/or in-house processing issues.”

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