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Continued Growth

Welcome to the latest issue of Extrusion Solutions.

5-Minute Screw Change

It’s been almost three years since ENTEK introduced our first QC3 twin-screw extruder, the QC3-43mm. Since then we have expanded the QC3 line to include our 27mm, 33mm, 43mm, and 53mm machines and we’re proud that there are dozens of these now in use throughout the plastics compounding industry.

When we introduced the QC3 in January 2015 with a press conference at our headquarters in Lebanon, OR, we made the bold claim that this new machine allowed for fast, easy screw set changes – as fast as 5 minutes. Any skepticism the press had about that claim went away when Colt McDaniel, our Pilot Plant Technician, performed a complete screw change in less than 5 minutes while they watched.

Some of the reporters in attendance commented that they knew why this was a big deal – they knew it was not uncommon for compounders to change screw sets numerous times a day.   It was also not uncommon for this to take an hour or longer on traditional twin-screw extruders. Our customers had asked for this important feature, and ENTEK delivered.

We’ve just released a new video of Colt performing the screw set change while a timer runs in the corner of the screen – and sure enough he completes the change in 5 minutes. See the story on p. 4 and go online to take a look – it’s an impressive demonstration.

Growth Update

In the last issue of Extrusion Solutions I mentioned ENTEK’s increased business and anticipated growth. I’m happy to report that we are hiring new staff in both engineering and manufacturing to keep up with the several new projects we have in process, one of which is the largest single order in ENTEK’s history.

Because of this, we are planning on expanding our own facility here in Lebanon, Oregon. Over the next year we expect to enlarge our manufacturing and assembly areas to create a bigger, better work space for our employees.   This will not only provide much-needed additional space but will improve project workflow.  I’ll update you on our progress in the next issue of Extrusion Solutions.

Complete Extrusion Systems and Turnkey Manufacturing Plants

In addition to our twin-screw extruders and replacement wear parts, we specialize in providing complete extrusion systems and turnkey manufacturing plants to our customers.

We have a lot of experience in this area – especially since ENTEK began as a processor. Our state-of-the-art battery separator manufacturing plant right next door on our campus here in Lebanon, OR is completely supported by the same employees who service you, our customers.  See the article on p. 5 to learn more.

Thank you to all of our customers for their continued support.

As always, I encourage you to contact me anytime at khanawalt@entek.com.

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