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Who We Are

Welcome to the latest issue of Extrusion Solutions.

Helping Customers Succeed

Our cover story in this issue of Extrusion Solutions provides an excellent example of how ENTEK helps its customers succeed.

Plastics Color Corporation (PCC), a leading materials compounder to the medical device market, pharmaceutical and food packaging, and personal care packaging markets, approached us to bid on a project back in 2017, and we were happy to win that business.  After they placed the order in 2018, ENTEK went to work designing an all-new, high-output compounding line that would help PCC keep up with its current business, and provide the capacity they needed to fulfill their customers’ future needs as well.

ENTEK stands apart from many in this industry because we don’t just sell our customers machinery and equipment; we have the expertise on staff to take on entire projects, providing complete extrusion systems and even turnkey manufacturing plants.  We know what it takes to act as the general contractor for these types of projects.

At the same time, we have the extrusion and compounding expertise to not only help our customers get the best machinery and equipment for their specific needs, but to help them get the best performance possible out of that machinery.  From the earliest stages of a project we design the best solution for our customers, oversee installation and start-up, and stay on-site until everything is running properly to meet and exceed customer expectations.

A New Ad Campaign

While we’re on the topic of helping customers succeed, take a look at the first ad in our new campaign.  In this first of what will be several ads showing our employees talking about ENTEK’s attributes,  I answer in three short statements what I think is important about ‘Who We Are’.

There are a lot of things I could say to answer that question, but space is limited in a one-page ad, and it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to three short bullet-points.  The second bullet-point in the ad says it all when it comes to customer support:  ‘ENTEK supports all of its customers – all of the time.’

We have built our reputation over the years as a people-first company that is focused on customer support.    All ENTEK employees know this, and so do our customers.  It’s ‘Who We Are’!

Our Pilot Plant – and Customer Training

Finally, please read the article from Dean Elliott, our Technical Processing Manager, on our Pilot Plant Services and Customer Training.  Our Pilot Plant is a tremendous resource for our customers, a place they can run trials on their material formulations, and put ENTEK’s support and technical expertise to work to get the results they want to achieve.

As for training, ENTEK is happy to support its customers with operator training and can customize the courses to include both classroom-style learning and hands-on processing.  Contact Dean anytime to learn more.

Thank you to all of our customers for their continued support.

As always, I encourage you to contact me anytime at khanawalt@entek.com.

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