Executive’s Corner

Kim Medford

A Message from Kim Medford, ENTEK’s new President

Welcome to the latest issue of Extrusion Solutions

Exciting Times

When I took on my current leadership role with ENTEK late last year, we were still in the middle of the unknown impacts of a pandemic, making investment decisions challenging.

However, our team, even during a time of great uncertainty, came together and committed to continued investment to bring to market new solutions for our customers.

We know that our greatest success comes from helping our customers to grow their businesses.  Whether that means more throughput, more uptime, or new products being introduced to the marketplace, ENTEK extruders are the obvious solution.  So, we took some risks, and the results are really exciting.

New Products, Technologies and Investment

You will see our announcements in this issue of Extrusion Solutions on the new HT72 twin-screw extruder, and our new Vacuum Feed Technology (VFT).  In addition to sharing the news on our exciting new products with you, it is important for me to share that we are also committed to continue our overall growth as a company.

This year, we will be making significant capital investments in our machine shop to increase our wear parts throughput, and we have some exciting R&D projects in the works to expand our product offerings.  Watch for more news from ENTEK in the near future.

Press Event

We really enjoyed meeting with the members of the plastics industry press on June 8th to introduce our new products and technologies.  Even though we met virtually, the event was very successful and we got some great questions.  Thanks to all who attended.

Prior to the June 8th event, our last press conference was in 2015, when members of the press came out to our headquarters in Oregon to learn about the new QC3 line of twin-screw extruders.  As exciting things continue to happen at ENTEK and we accelerate our growth, it will not be another six years before we will invite the press to gather again for interesting happenings.

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support.   I encourage you to contact me anytime at kmedford@entek.com

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