Executive’s Corner – A New Team

Welcome to the latest issue of Extrusion Solutions.

2016 has brought some changes as new faces have joined ENTEK’s sales team, and one familiar face has moved on.

As most of you know by now, John Effmann, who worked with us since 2005, has retired. For 11 years John led the sales and marketing efforts of the company and he played a pivotal role in the company’s growth over that time.

John’s last day was March 31 and we wish him all the best, and thank him for a job well done.

Meet the New Team

ENTEK Sales TeamThe new team (see photo) is more than ready to continue providing you, our customers, with the service ENTEK is known for. It features a great mix of new employees with veteran ENTEK leadership. Linda Campbell, Director of Sales, leads the group. She is no stranger to our customers, and is a 28-year ENTEK employee. Tammy Straw, a 16-year employee, will lead the company’s marketing efforts.

See the article on p. 4 for more details. I am confident we have a great team in place to help us continue to meet the challenges of the future.

New Lab Developments – People and Places

I have written in the past about ENTEK’s commitment to providing comprehensive lab services to our customers. With that in mind please join me in welcoming our newest team member, Andy Hoffmann, our new Lab Manager (see article on p. 5). I am also happy to announce a new location for ENTEK lab trials, at Gala Industries in Eagle Rock, VA (see article on p. 5). Gala and ENTEK are long-time business partners and Gala’s beautiful new lab features an ENTEK 53mm twin-screw extruder.

We always encourage customers to come to Oregon to visit ENTEK, but when that’s not possible, customers in the eastern USA now have another location to run material trials, with the support of both ENTEK and Gala employees.

How Can We Help You?

Every issue of Extrusion Solutions features a cover story about an ENTEK customer, and this issue is no different. We have worked with Fiberon since the early days of wood-plastic composites and are proud to have helped them achieve a leadership position in the market.

ENTEK has a great team of committed engineers who work every day to not only design some of the best twin-screw extruders in the industry, but to help customers get the most out of their compounding operations. How can we help you? Let us know.

Thank you to all of our customers for their continued support.

As always, I encourage you to contact me anytime at khanawalt@entek.com.

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