Executive’s Corner – December 2021

ENTEK - Kimberly Medford

Growing to Better Serve Our Customers

Welcome to the latest issue of Extrusion Solutions

Our New Facility

As you can see by our story on page 1, our growth here at ENTEK continues as we are opening a new 98,000 square foot facility in Henderson, Nevada.  Since we first announced this news in October, we’ve been busy interviewing candidates for the many open positions we have available to staff our new facility.  I’m pleased to announce that we have already hired several new employees who are currently in training at our Oregon headquarters. 

We hope to have 50 or more new employees working in Henderson by late 2022.  We have numerous job openings available; check out our list of positions at https://entek.com/careers/us/.  If you or someone you know is interested in joining our growing company, please contact us today!

Continuous Improvement

We recently reached an amazing milestone with our continuous improvement program.  With over 1,000 improvements and counting, this program has really helped us make great progress towards improving virtually everything we do as a company. 

Personally, I believe this is a great example of what makes ENTEK special.  Every employee here has a say in how to make this company a better place.  Our ‘Fix What Bugs You’ message encourages everyone to contribute their ideas, and as Mark Dvorak, our Lean Leader says, ‘we celebrate all improvements and ideas, the small ones as well as the big ones.’

I want to thank all of our employees for their suggestions.  I would also like our customers to know that we will always seek continuous improvement as a company to better serve their needs. 

Hoping to See You in 2022

ENTEK recently exhibited and presented at two excellent industry events, the AMI-sponsored Compounding World Expo in Cleveland and the Plastics News ‘Women Breaking the Mold’ conference in Austin, Texas.  We are happy to be back doing in-person events, and our Sales and Marketing Teams are busy preparing for numerous trade shows and conferences in 2022.  If you plan on attending any of these events, please plan to stop by to see us to learn more about our products and services.

Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support.  

I encourage you to contact me anytime at kmedford@entek.com


Kim Medford, President

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