Graeme Fraser-Bell Rejoins ENTEK Team

Graeme Fraser-BellENTEK is thrilled to announce that Dr. Graeme Fraser-Bell is coming out of retirement to focus on ENTEK’s increasing presence in the lithium battery market.

Fraser-Bell, who retired in October of 2012 as ENTEK’s Vice President of International Sales was instrumental in solidifying the company’s foothold in the lithium-ion separator market. His return to ‘active duty’ is as a result of a significant increase in demand for ENTEK’s expanding catalogue, especially its coated separators.

Dr. Richard Pekala, CTO for ENTEK says, “The unprecedented growth in demand for Lithium battery separators required us to appoint someone who could focus solely on our lithium battery materials offering, and we were very fortunate that Graeme agreed to step back in. He’s able to step up to the challenge immediately and position us for growth with existing and upcoming Lithium battery manufacturers throughout the World.“

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