ENTEK has introduced the latest addition to its E-MAX™ twin-screw extruder line with the launch of its new E40 Extruder. Ideal for custom compounding and running small lots of highly customized materials, ENTEK has introduced the E40 as a solution for extruders looking for a small-sized twin-screw machine for advanced research and development or production needs.

The E40 is a 40mm diameter twin-screw extruder that features a Henschel TGE gearbox. The E40 features screw speeds of up to 1200 RPM driven by a 150hp motor. A key feature of the E40 is that it is a self-contained unit, with PLC control, cooling system, lube system, and vacuum pump on board, with utility hook-ups in place for fast setup and operation.

Like all ENTEK E-MAX™ extruders, the E40 features stainless steel doors and shrouding with all wear components (screws, barrels, etc.) custom-built in the USA by ENTEK at its Lebanon, Oregon headquarters. Another feature of all ENTEK extruders is their design flexibility, whereby optional equipment can be easily installed. All E40 machines will be pre-tested at ENTEK before shipment.

New ENTEK Smart Control System

Also being introduced is the new line of ENTEK Smart Controls. The new E-MAX™ E-40 is the first ENTEK extruder to include these controls, but they are now available for use with all E-MAX twin-screw extruder models.

ENTEK Smart Controls feature Pentium 4 computers with 17” flat-screen displays and NEMA 4 keyboards for industrial strength operation. The monitor is separate from the PC, allowing for simple screen replacement if necessary. Featuring an Allen-Bradley PLC with 1.5MB of memory, each of these controllers can handle pre-programming of up to 45 heat zones, 10 feeders, and 100 recipes. USB connections allow for simple connection of auxiliary computer devices (e.g. USB flash memory, external mouse, etc). As with all previous controls, ENTEK continues to configure its controls instrumentation with off the shelf components to allow end users to easily source replacement parts.

These controllers offer better power, flexibility and more detailed graphics than previously used controls. Currently, ENTEK connects to our controls via modem and in the future those connections will be via Ethernet. This will allow for high speed networking with ENTEK Tejchnical support personnel from anywhere in the world.

The new Smart Controls offer users advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities. Trending, historical tracking, and recipe control capabilities are all available through the controller’s human-machine interface (HMI). The system can link to detailed help screens, with help buttons programmed for defining alarms, contacting suppliers and vendors, and showing detailed schematic drawings in HTML file formats. This “help button” format is easily customized so users can check off boxes on the operator’s screen to allow the functions they want.

Designed for simple addition of functions in the field, ENTEK Smart Controls are user-customizable and feature the ability to troubleshoot and control from a remote location. This makes it easier for maintenance people to troubleshoot problems that occur. In addition, users can operate multiple machines with one HMI through the use of Ethernet connections.

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