New Manufacturing Process Developed; Barrels Can Last 3x Longer than Competition


ENTEK has announced it has developed a new manufacturing process for producing carbide-lined extrusion barrels. This new process uses a proprietary spherical carbide/nickel matrix, which offers numerous advantages over the competition, including higher rigidity and improved wear resistance. Carbide barrels are used in extrusion applications to resist abrasion and corrosion caused by highly-filled materials. ENTEK has invested considerable time researching and developing a better way to manufacture barrels using spherical carbides, which compared to traditional angular carbides, can provide much better wear resistance. The new process developed by ENTEK shows proven, significant improvement in barrel wear resistance and ultimately, much longer service life. Some of these improvements include:

-better wear resistance (3x longer life then tool steel) -superior corrosion resistance due to nickel matrix -thicker wear surface (.150” compared to typical thickness of .010”-.065” in competitive models) -no weld lines in barrel due to ENTEK process – complete coverage of carbide throughout the bore profile eliminates splitting, chipping and premature wear -improved apex strength due to ENTEK process – a metallurgic bond is used to bond the carbide to the base block, and spherical carbides have no sharp edges thus preventing cracking when under impact.

These new carbide barrels will be offered by ENTEK for both ENTEK E-MAX™ twin-screw extruders and other OEM extruders as well. They join the lineup of ENTEK replacement wear parts, including screw elements and barrels for co-rotating and counter-rotating twin-screw extruders.

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