New ENTEK Software Allows for Faster, Easier Screw & Barrel Layout Design

One of ENTEK’s newest products is a new software program designed for customers to quickly and easily design screw and barrel layouts for their specific applications.  Currently in beta test, this new program has shown great promise in helping cut lead times and enhance communication between ENTEK and its customers.

There are several built in features for this new software, including:

• Drag and drop on all components that customers need to specify: barrel sections, screws, metallurgy, etc.

• Automatic calculation of remaining space on the screw shafts

• Safeguards to prevent putting certain elements where they do not belong

• Easier part ordering as complete part numbers are furnished within the program

• Easy save within the program or export to an excel file options once design is complete

“All of these new products are things that our customers communicated to us that they wanted,” said Linda Campbell, ENTEK’s Director of Sales. “They solve common problems, make their lives easier and ultimately improve their productivity.”

For the screw design program: https://screwdesign.entek.com


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