New Patented Vacuum Feed Technology (VFT) from ENTEK Boosts Twin-Screw Extruder Throughput Rates

ENTEK Extruders Feeder

ENTEK Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a new, patented processing technology that improves twin-screw extruder throughput rates.  Developed for use when compounding “fluffy” materials, ENTEK’s Vacuum Feed Technology (VFT) also overcomes the discharge of fluffy powders out of atmospheric vents, traditionally used to vent out the air associated with fluffy powders. 

“VFT is the solution if a compounder is challenged by a process that is volumetrically limited when processing low bulk density powdered materials,” said Dean Elliott, ENTEK’s Technical Processing Manager.  “Processors can achieve much higher throughput, as much as twice the output rate without VFT.”

Since VFT does not require vents open to atmosphere, this technology solves the problem of powdered materials potentially spewing out the atmospheric vent of the extruder.  “This prevents not only a messy situation but creates a safer work place environment,” said Elliott.

Offered by license, ENTEK’s VFT includes pilot plant trials at ENTEK to configure the extruder for customers’ materials of formulation and to demonstrate the throughput rate improvement compared to traditional extruder atmospheric venting.  Complete documentation of the screw and barrel configuration is provided, along with on-site process start-up support at the customer’s location. 

ENTEK VFT is available on all of the company’s twin-screw extruders.

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